Special Arts Sammamish ~ A Clay Day Event

I wanted to make my first initial post about the event that inspired this blog. This event was called, “A Clay Day Event”, and was hosted by Special Arts Sammamish Commission at the EX3 Teen Center. I actually attend an event with my son called, “Creative Characters” last year in October and met the wonderful woman that made it all happen, Special Arts Commissioner: Lin Garettson. A truly passionate purveyor for the Arts, I just had to let her know how thankful I was that she was able to offer such an event for those with special needs and disabilities. My son had so much fun working with art, illustrations, puppets and storytelling. It was a wonderful experience for my husband and I to behold. We actually got to see our son using his imagination, socializing with peers and most importantly having a fun time.  I wanted her to know how much we appreciated the event and hoped that more would follow. Well she made it happen again with the March 1st event, “Make it a Clay Day”. It was at this event that I actually got inspired to start this web page. I was asked several weeks before the event if I could help lead a casual discussion for the parents of the children who were attending the event. Super excited I jumped at the opportunity to network with other parents. As an ice-breaker I asked the question to other parents of how they found out about the event. Surprisingly, most parents found out at the last minute, one parent actually was not ale to get their child registered in time but she came anyways to see what it was all about.  After hearing some of the parents talk about their children’s ages I ask another question to see if they had heard about the Transition Fair at Microsoft. Again they told me they hadn’t.  I planned on attending the fair even though my son is not yet in the self-advocating or school to work mode. I also like to plan ahead and thought the fair would be a wonderful way to find out more information and network some more.

That next week, I was so delighted to see the parents I spoke with at the “Clay Day Event”. I was so pleased that they would be able to find out more information for their children. It was a wonderful event, I came away with so much information, I have yet to go through. It was so well put together and so easy to navigate. I was also blown away that the event was held at Microsoft. This was a first, and I hope it is not the last. I hope they host more events in the future related to special needs.

Below are some pics of my son that I captured at the “Make it a Clay Day” event, held on March 1st , 2014.

Clay Day Event Collage

2014-03-01 14.02.51-MOTION

2014-03-01 14.39.26-MOTION



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