FREE AUTISM RESOURCE ~ Autism File Free Online April Edition Now Available.

AF55_AprMay2014.cvr (1)

Have you ever heard of the Autism File magazine? A couple of years ago while visiting my mom I ran across this magazine at a local Barnes and Noble. I get magazines all the time fashion to music. But I have always tried to keep my eye out for one that was completely dedicated to Autism. i have found some here and there, but mostly the ones I have found  cover mostly stories that relate to people finding out their child has autism to ones that are more medicine journal like, that are just way to technical or me. So when I picked up my first copy of the Autism File, I was expecting the same style of publication, but was so pleasantly surprised to see so many topics covered. From articles on education, adult issues, biomedical options and general info this magazine is loaded with information. The Autism File is an invaluable resource to families, teachers, and professionals. For awhile it was always hit and miss with me finding this magazine, then  one day while reading my feed on Facebook I saw a friend of mind added them as a like. So I in turned liked their page and was so glad I did because  a couple days later I got a post that the latest edition of The Autism File was now available free.   Yay, I love FREE!!

The magazine is a bi-monthly FREE magazine, dedicated to families/care takers, professionals and support groups experiencing life with children and teenagers on the autistic spectrum. Their aim is to provide accurate and up to date information on a range of relevant ASD related topics. To view the latest edition and find out more about, please click on links below and be sure to follow them on Facebook and online.


(Special Adult ASD issue,Sibling Speak Out, Autism and Allergies, Employment & more…..)

Follow on Facebook : The Autism File

& online @ The Autism Media Channel 



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