Donation Event ~ GIVE BIG to WAAA ~ Tomorrow May 6th


Photo: Your Donations through will go even further on May 6th :)


Please GIVE BIG tomorrow anytime after midnight to WAAA(Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy)

WAAA mission is to dramatically improve access to autism insurance benefits and effective services in schools and communities regardless of personal financial background. Support an AMAZING cause! Founded in 2007, Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy exists to remove barriers to timely access to evidence based treatment and effective education programs and sustainable community based services and supports for children and adults statewide.


All of us want to live in a world that is equal and fair for all. We know that policies exist to serve our children with ASD. We know that educators, politicians, and medical providers want to support these policies. We also know that, in reality, this has not been happening effectively.The mission of WAAA is to ensure that all children have every opportunity to become productive members of society. Our programs fall under three main umbrellas: providing resources, enhancing community, and advocating for implementation of legislation. We provide the largest collection of resources available in Washington state to children and their families living with ASD, who can feel isolated and overwhelmed. We consider enhancing community one of the most important services we provides. Though many good-hearted professionals are working on policies to assist children and families living with ASD, we connect the dots to make sure that policies are actually implemented that impact those who need them. We have worked since 2007 to remove barriers to insurance coverage of effective treatment for ASD in Washington State. With the Affordable Care Act transition and the critical support from the WA State Legislature, 2014 will be our most significant year yet!


Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy (WAAA) has been instrumental in passage and funding of crucial legislation which improved access to appropriate education and intensive behavior supports for children with Autism.

Regarding Training and Guidelines for Teachers of Students with Autism
Requires training and autism endorsement for all teachers working with students with Autism
Best Practice Guidelines for Parents and Educators of Students with Autism
Requires dissemination of IEP best practice guidelines to special education administrators throughout Washington
Children’s Intensive In-home Behavior Supports Medicaid Waiver
Brings intensive in home behavior supports to children with autism and other disabilities in crisis due to challenging behaviors
Autism Amendments in the Federal Healthcare Reform Act of 2010
Added neurodevelopmental and behavioral therapies to basic health for children with autism and other developmental disorders listed in the most current version of DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
Since 2010, we have been integral in implementation of Mental Health Parity, ensuring individuals with ASD have access to evidence based treatments for Autism. When needed we’ve been involved in lawsuits that have resulted in insurance and Medicaid reform for 12,000 children statewide. What are we working on right now? We provide on the phone and online family advocacy, statewide family preservation programs, training and resources for children, adolescents and young adults with ASD and their families.

We are also improving provider capacity under the new insurance & Medicaid settlements (i.e. building an adequate network of ABA services coordinators and interventionist statewide).

Finally, were examining how schools statewide are serving students with social emotional challenges, and poor practice guidelines around of seclusion and restraints.

Your donations  to the cause will go even further on May 6th



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