Sensory Sensitivity ~ Must Watch Video of the Day

I will never know the answer to what my son, who has autism & sensory sensitivity is thinking or feeling, that is unless he tells me, which I fear he wont develop that skill to do so. I look at him sometimes trying to think of what is going on in that head of his, and I am left clueless. Then I start to worry that maybe he is all jubbled up in his thoughts, like a prisoner to his own mind, but in a way that leaves him clueless to knowing that he is constantly thinking of many things all at the same time. Does he know? Does it bring him pain? What is that like? I would go mad, I don’t think I could handle my mind firing on all cylinders and all times. I don’t think I could handle it if sounds – vibrations – noises – touching of objects – became so loud in my thoughts, I would overload. Yet after watching this video, that is exactly what so many children with Autism and sensory sensitivity do. A vast majority of our children with autism also have sensory issues. Its not the norm, so many do not understand. This is my son, this is so many families sons and daughters. Please take the time today to watch and please share with others and spread awareness. Thank you!!


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