Community Integration Services ~ Openings for Aquatic Therapy Sessions ~ Aquatics for those with special needs


Special Populations

Aquatic Therapy

Community Integration Services

Has openings for Aquatic Therapy sessions!

Community Integration Services works with people of all ages and abilities.

Private sessions are offered for children with Physical disabilities, developmentally delays, sensory integration issues and all spectrums of Autism.  Warm water keeps children comfortable in the aquatic environment while meeting individual goals.  Sessions are held in warm water pools located in Bellevue and Woodinville


Common goals for these sessions vary from:

*Following directions

*Improve low muscle tone

*Coordination skill

*Safety and Water adjustment

*Swimming skills

*Sensory Integration

*Stretch, and increase range of motions for those with high tone

 Harriet Ott is owner and therapist for Community Integration Services

She has been working with disabled people for over 30 years.  Harriet and her staff have extensive training and experience in a variety of therapeutic aquatic treatments and techniques.  All participants are evaluated and assessed according to individual needs and goals, to remain active, safe and participate to their maximum potential.

For more information about this service please contact

Harriet Ott   425-830-7746


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