Writable ~ Free Educational Ipad App ~ $9.99 App Free Download Today



• Helps you write. Even if you can’t spell.
Writable knows thousands of common misspellings. You decide how much and how Writable helps you, ranging from just fixing common spellings mistakes to a full-blown phonetic model that considers what your writing sounds like, rather than how you spell.

• Read anything with a swipe
Want to check your work? Wonder if the word that Writable is suggesting is the one you want? Just slide your finger over it, and Writable will read it back to you!

• Knows your topics
Writable has topical US English dictionaries for biology, chemistry, engineering, history, math, physics and sociology.

screen480x480 (2)screen480x480 (1)

• Learns how you write
Writable will pick up on your writing style on a “tell me three times” basis. This way Writable will pick up on your vocabulary quickly, but will ignore the occasional mistake.

• Reads PDF and Word files out loud
Grab PDF and Word files from your inbox, or share them with AirDrop. Writable will read all PDF files with embedded text aloud to you, and highlight the words along the way.
screen480x480 (3)screen480x480 (4)
• Share, print, tweet…
When you are satisfied with your work, sharing it is easy and fast. Tweet your thoughts, update your Facebook status, or share your text wirelessly with the new Airdrop function in iOS 7.

• Never lose your work
Writable keeps a copy of everything you write in your Dropbox account. Activating your cloud folder is a simple as sliding a single switch from off to on.




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