Theater of Possibility ~ Upcoming October Classes for Children / Youth with Disabilities


I’d like to share with you some news about a unique project of Theater of Possibility (“TOP”). Started in 2010, TOP is a program for young people to practice relationship skills through acting, improvisation, collaboration and playwriting.   They serve students with autism spectrum, ADHD and other learning differences and disabilities, as well as typically developing peers.  This fall, they are offering both a kid/tween class and a teen/young adult class.  In the latter, youth with and without disabilities will have the opportunity to work together to create an original play with music on the theme of bridging our differences. For more information and registration, or check out their website:

After School Classes:

This fall, we will be offering TOP classes on Thursdays, starting October 9, at University Heights Center in Seattle:

Teens & Young Adults, ages 13-25: 4:15-5:45 PM, cost for fall quarter $375

Kids: ages 8-13, 6-7 PM, cost for fall quarter $300

Fall quarter runs through Dec 18.  The last class, for both groups, will go 4-8 PM for a potluck and friends & family showcase.  Classes will resume January – May.

Bridging our Differences: Creation of Original Play with Music

Based on student interest from past years, we’re aiming big this year!  We’re seeking creative, dedicated teens and young adults, with and without disabilities, to develop an original play with music, to be presented in May, 2015.  Participants should register for the fall teen class and plan to stay on through winter and spring.

In creating this work, we’ll be exploring how we can build understanding and bridge differences between people with and without disabilities. This is for caring youth who would like to be part of the process of building a more tolerant and understanding world through theater! This program is not only for youth with Asperger’s, autism, ADHD and other disabilities or learning differences, but also their siblings, friends, classmates and others interested in being natural helpers. We’ll be celebrating each person’s unique perspective and gifts.

Workshops, Training, Conferences and Special Events:

By special arrangement, the TOP troupe can be available for educational conference or trainings.  Last March, experienced members of the teen/young adult troupe gave a two hour demonstration and interactive performance on the theme of inclusion for the American Alliance for Theater and Education conference at SPU.  The mini play, created by the youth, was about what can go wrong in classroom when teachers don’t understand autism.  After a jaw-dropping performance, the teachers in the audience had the chance to enter the scene and role play alternatives with the troupe.  Contact me to inquire about booking a custom-tailored event for your school or community.


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