WAAA is Hiring!!!

WAAA is Hiring!!!  We are looking to hire a new Parent Partner, please see the brief description below and email info@washingtonautismadvocacy.org for the full details or see the attached if you are interested, thank you!

Parent Partners: are life-trained professionals who have successfully negotiated multiple systems for their child and family. These parents can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in two ways:

1. As parent advocates the Parent Partners will mentor parents currently involved in or accessing systems. It is expected that Parent Partners will meet in person with parents when appropriate and serve as a supportive voice for the family

2. Parent Partners will act as the “parent’s voice” as participants on various committees and workgroups, as well as within child and family team meetings (IEP, Wraparound, with case managers, etc.). Parent Partners act as a bridge between professionals and families, providing a unique perspective to those who work in child serving roles.

Although the two functions are separate and distinct, it is expected that Parent Partners will serve in both capacities.

For more information click here: Parent Partner Job description

To Apply:  Interested applicants should submit a resume, letter of intent, character and professional references and availability schedule via electronic mail to: info@WashingtonAutismAdvocacy.org


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