Finding Balance in Life’s New Normal – “Families Together: A forum for Learning and Sharing “ Series

Finding Balance in Life’s New Normal

“Families Together: A forum for Learning and Sharing “ Series
How does resilience contribute to living well with a child with special health needs?
What can I expect?
·         A gathering of parents and caregivers interested in exploring the resilience we possess and learning skills for coping with life’s new normal
·         Interactive presentation led by resilience expert and researcher, Abby Rosenberg, MD
·         Small group discussion to share and learn from each other’s real-life experiences
DATE: Saturday, October 25
Time: 1 to 3 pm join us for coffee at 12:30 pm
Who can attend?
Parents of children with health issues or special needs.  Forum is for adults only
Seattle Children’s Administrative Building
6901 sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Cost: Free
How do I register?
RSVP by October 17. Call 206-987-4434 or e-mail:
Space is limited
Sponsored by the Family Advisory Council of Seattle Children’s Hospital
About the Speaker
Dr. Abby Rosenberg is a pediatric oncologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  She received her MD from Standford University where she was first inspired by parents of children living with cancer.  Abby came to Seattle for her pediatrics residency and fellowship training, and has continued to work with parents ever since. A nationally recognized expert in parent resilience, Abby’s research has focused specifically on parent perspectives of stress and coping, how they find meaning and purpose in the face of adversity, and managing psychological distress.
Seattle Children’s Hospital

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