Yoga for Parents and Families of Children with Special Needs with Krista Hanson

As parents and family members caring for children with special needs, disability, or chronic illness, we often give and give and give to our children. Many of us find the depths of our pools of love and caring wonderful – maybe deeper than we ever knew possible. But constantly drawing on all our reserves can tax our minds, bodies, relationships, and spirits.
Yoga offers tools and wisdom for coming back into our own bodies so that we can take care of ourselves, ultimately allowing us to be more present for others – especially those we are caring for. In this workshop we will do some yoga asana (movement) practice, focusing on flexibility and core and back strength. There will be space to connect with other parents, and lots of time to use the yoga’s tools – including breath, meditation, and restorative postures – to support release and relaxation.
Krista has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades, but it was the birth of her son four and a half years ago that led her to seek the healing possibilities of yoga. As a teacher, Krista loves sharing yoga with people who didn’t think they could do yoga. She draws inspiration from her son whose rare neuromuscular disease leaves him with extremely limited mobility but endless enthusiasm for dinosaur-inspired yoga.
This workshop is meant for everyone; no experience with yoga or physical flexibility is necessary. Please contact Krista Hanson with questions or for more information —  or

Fees & Registration:

Register on-line below, in person at the studio or via phone: 206-760-1917

Lotus unlimited membership-holders receive 10% off!

$30 / before for this workshop

$40 / day of for this workshop


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