Thank you for visiting Mymanyspecialways.  This site is dedicated to getting the word out about activities, events and other happenings in King County-Seattle that would be the most beneficial to those who have special needs. I was inspired to create this website from meeting other parents of children with special needs in my community. A recent transplant from another state I found myself spending countless hours trying to find the next activity my son could get involved in. Our family has attended many activities already in the short time we have been in our community and I found after talking with other parents about my experience they often say they wish their child could have attended, but they just didn’t know it was going on. I hope this website becomes an online hub for parents and their children to explore what our great community has to offer. I hope we all can learn, share and help strengthen the supports in our community to promote the ongoing healthy development of our children, youth and young adults with special needs and disabilities.



2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I just came across your blog and I see you have a lot of great resource and events advertised!
    In case you hadn’t already seen it- you might be interested in The Arc of King County Community Calendar (see link below). I work at The Arc of King County, and we update it with not only our events (most of which are free), but also with relevant community events that we hear about. http://www.arcofkingcounty.org/index.php/what-we-offer/community-calendar


    • Hi Rosie….thanks for stoping by. Yes I very aware of the Arc of King County, I make quite a few post about the various free social groups and activities going on, from visting the Arc’s page. They are an excellent source of information. I am in the process of reworking this site. I started the site because I wanted to network with more parents and organizations in the community. I have always worked in the corporate world and told myself if I ever get the opportunity to advocate for my son and others I am going to jump at the opportunity. Well that door opened for me last year when we moved to Washington. I got involved and my sons school, a couple outside organization where I could volunteer at, and then wiggle(I say that because they first didnt think they had room for another “parent of an autistic” student,orginally telling me no thank you and then calling me the next day to join, lol)my way into the PAC council for the Special Needs PTSA for Lake Washington School District.LWSD has a new director who is trying to implement new initiatives and is really supportive of enganing parents and appears sincere about seing students with disabilities succeed and make a successful transition into the community after high school. The PAC at this time only consist of five parents and Paul Vine, so since everyone is pretty much fresh and new, with exception of PTSA Chair, I have been been trying to create things I wish my Special Education Department could of created back in KY. So far I have created a brochure, and we are working on a disabiility packet, and then I came up with the idea of this blog. I was actually doing a blog for Redmond Elementary School to let them know things that were going on that were special needs related, and I thought I need to do it on a wider scale. So I created the site back in April and off it went. I try to focus on activities that are mainly free or low cost from group meetings to free activities. But I also want to sare free resouces. I have an inside line to free educational Ipad app resources so I have been including these post as well. But I hopefully soon will have more online educational resources. I myself am sitting on waitlist for my son to recieve ABA therapy, and so daily looking online for free resources that I can use in the meantime to supplement. So soon I will have more resources on the page, so please come back, I should have everything smoothed out by time school starts. Thank you so much though for leaving me a comment, because if I had not known about the Arc that would have been an excellent source to direct me to, if you find anymore let me know!!!!


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