Alliance of People with Disabilities
– Provides resources and support for people living with disabilities in KingCounty. Programs include: Information and Referral Services; Independent Living Skills Training; Peer Groups; Disabilities Law Project (DLP); Emergency preparedness; Access Reviews; Systems Advocacy; Community Education.
Seattle: (206) 545-7055 Toll-Free: 1(866)545-7055
Bellevue: (425) 558-0993 Toll-Free: 1(800)216-3335

The Arc of King County
Provides resources and support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Information and referral service. Information for adults with disabilities / supported living services. Support for families of different ethnicities.
Phone: (206) 364-6337
Parent-to-Parent program connects those with similar disabilities:(206) 957-7080

CHADD – Children & Adults with ADHD Eastside
Support, informative presentations and information for families and individuals living with ADHD.
Email Mailing: http://groups.google.com/group/Eastside-CHADD
Phone: (800)233-4050

Developmental Disabilties Administration(DDA)
Provides services to qualified individuals with disabilities, such as Medicaid, family support and respite (care-taking).Assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to obtain services/supports based on individual preference, capabilities and needs. DDA serves individuals of ALL AGES using state/federal funds to provide or purchase supports/services for eligible persons and their families.
Phone: Region 4 – (206) 568-5700 or (800) 314-3296

Down Syndrome Community
Build a caring, understanding, supportive community open to all individuals and families whose lives include a person with Down syndrome. Share and nurture a climate where every human being is recognized, their strengths appreciated, and their accomplishments respected and valued. Strengthen the network of individuals and groups working with issues affecting the lives of those with developmental disabilities and their families.
Phone: (206)257-7191

FEAT of Washington – Families for Effective Autism Treatment
Advocacy group based in Bellevue, WA, that provides support for families, intervention, and educational programs for children with ASD.Provides families with information, resources, training and supports to help individuals with autism reach their full potential.
Phone: (206) 763-3373

The Father’s Network
Local group that supports fathers of special needs children
Phone: (425) 747-4004

Friendship Adventures
Friendship Adventures is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing social, recreational and educational activities in a safe, engaging environment—building interpersonal skills, confidence and lifelong friendship
Phone: (425) 444-3132

Kindering Center
Family-centered services for infants and children with special needs.A not-for-profit neurodevelopmental center, the Kindering Center provides comprehensive services, crucial therapies, special education, and counseling for infants and children with special needs.
Phone: (425) 747-4004

Lakeside Autism Center
Lakeside offers assessment, assistance and early intervention therapy for individuals with autism. Services include: developmental therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and social skill classes

Lake Washington School District Transition Academy
The Transition Academy is a community based program for young adults (18 – 21 years of age) with developmental disabilities in the Lake Washington School District who have finished high school and are interested in continuing their preparation for work and life in the community.
Phone: (425)-861-3452

Learning Disabilities Association of Washington
Promotes and provides service and support to improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by learning disabilities.
Phone: (425) 882-0820

Life Enrichment Options
Life Enrichment Options (LEO) is a community based non-profit organization that advocates for and works to support individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their goals through supportive housing, recreation, employment opportunities and community education.
Phone: (425) 395-6688

Mental Health Wraparound Service
The Wraparound process provides individualized, comprehensive, community-based services and supports to children and adolescents with serious emotional and/or behavioral disturbances so they can be reunited and/or remain with their families and communities.
Phone: (206) 263-8957

NAMI Eastside
Wide variety of support groups, conferences, classes, and more for families and individuals
living with mental health challenges
Phone: (425) 885-6264

Office of the Education Ombudsman
Assists families and educators across the state with conflict resolution strategies.
Phone (206) 729-3232
Toll free: (866) 297-2597

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
State agency that oversees public education in Washington. Procedural safeguards, Federal IDEA 2004 regulations. Special Education Ombudsman (a support and resource person).Recent news in the field of special education and resource links. Dispute resolution information
Phone: (360) 725-6075

Open Doors for Multicultural Families
Family centered support that respect family’s culture and language. Inclusive and collaborative community for people with disability. Training and workshops. Parent to Parent Groups. Respite information.

Somali Families Autism Support
Somali American Autism Support (SAAS)’s mission is to raise awareness and assist Somali parents with autistic children find available resources.Family with Autism Child’s Services.Individualized Family Support: home visits, language and cultural assistance. Parent Mentors and Helping Parents. Inclusive Respite and Recreation Opportunities. IDEA/IEP/IFSP Training and Special Education Support.ESL classes for parents with autistic children. Mothers’ support groups. Fathers’ support groups. Online parent support groups
For more information please email: Saaswa2011@gmail.com

The Center for Children with Special Needs – Seattle Children’s Hospital
The Center for Children with Special Needs’ mission is to improve and promote the health and well being of children with special health care needs and their families.
Phone: (206) 884-5735

The Friendship Circle of Washington
The Friendship Circle extends a helping hand to families who have children with special needs and involves them in a full range of social experiences. The Circle’s unique formula introduces teenage volunteers to the children with special needs, and through shared experiences, both are enriched.
Phone: (206) 374-3637

The Together Center – Communtiy Services
Provide Assistance with food, shelter, child care, youth and family supports, assistance for disabilities, medical and dental care.
Phone: (425) 869-6699

University of Washington Child Development Clinic – CHDD
Diagnostic, assessment and management plans for children from early childhood to adolescence with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Phone: (206) 543-7701

Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy
WAAA provides resources, enhances community and advocates for implementation of legislation for children and their families living with ASD.
Phone: (425) 894-7231

Sibshops – Sibling Support Project
Support for siblings of children with special needs
Phone: (206) 297-6368

Washington Hands and Voices
Supporting families with children who are deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing by providing families with resources, networks, and information needed to improve communication and educational outcomes for their children.
Phone: 425-268-7087

Washington PAVE (Parents Are Vital in Education)
Provides information, training and support for parents and individuals with disabilities. Also provides understanding of the educational system and support with transition to adult life.
Phone: 1-800-5-PARENT (1-800-572-7368)



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